Nothing is created, Nothing is destroyed, Everything is transformed.

This is one of the basic rules of the Universe



By our innovative recycling process we save over 30% of energy used in granulation activity.


By advanced recycling technologies we allow the reusing of waste plastic.


Recycling is the key word, it is the motto that must be taken by every human being.


We provide smart solution

for plastics recycling

Recycling any material means reducing the use of raw materials for the production of new objects; recycling means saving the environment. The prudent management of resources leads to the concept of circular economy, where an action derives from the previous one and leads to the next, in a virtuous circle in which all the parties benefit.


We give New Life to Plastic

Improves food preservation, reducing waste
Improves hygiene, reducing contamination
Simplifies packaging, reducing the use of raw materials.

Responsible Attitude

Plastic cannot be classified as “good or bad” as well as other natural

or artificial materials. It is its use that must be evaluated and really

small civilization gestures are enough to ensure plastics

a completely positive function for our entire planet.

There is a consequence to each Action

The plastic abandoned or poured into the environment is not the responsibility of the plastic but of “little responsible” actions of the human being.

FPR-2RED Project

We like to plant 1000 hectares as 900,000

new native plants in Argentine Patagonia.

How to erase 100 years of carbon emissions? Plant trees—lots of them.

Increasing the Earth’s forests by an area the size of the United States would cut atmospheric carbon dioxide 25 percent. Carbon-eating trees Trees—all plants, in fact—use the energy of sunlight, and through the process of photosynthesis they take carbon dioxide (CO2)...

Plastic waste doubles over last 10 years

The latest National Waste Characterisation study from the environmental watchdog also revealed that plastics have replaced organic waste as the primary waste item in the household general waste bin. The report relating to Household and Business Waste...